Wednesday, 21 November 2012

MUA Promotion.

As you'll know I am on such a huge hype about Make Up Academy Products! 
I think its amazing how cheap their products are yet the consistency, colours, texture & smells are immense! 

All of their products range from £1 - £4.50 which I think is amazing!
There's a few bits that reach to £9 but that's hardly any of their range and is still fantastic value of money!! 

Being a student, I know what its like to be on a budget and how important it is to spread the cost of everything! I honestly haven't found one doubt as of yet with any of their products! and I get so excited when they offer fantastic promotions I just have to share them with you lovely guys! 

I've just gone online to make a new order ready for the new year and noticed they have a brilliant promotion on at the moment, probably their best! 

35% off EVERYTHING and FREE delivery!!! 

You can buy online or in SuperDrug but as far as I'm aware its exclusive to their website. 

You have to spend a minimum of £10 but to be fair I think that's still a fantastic deal! 

I've had a cheeky induldge in some of their new products so expect a few new posts bragging about my order in the next few weeks! 

Have any of you tried MUA products? 
What are your views? 

Hope you're all enjoying your week! 

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