Thursday, 1 November 2012

GOSH - Quattro Eye Shadow - Blooming Forest

I am totally in love with this 
GOSH Eye Palette - Quattro Eye Shadow Q 46 Blooming Forest

It began as a night out favorite, but now I use it daily!! 

I brought it about a year back and I'm still using it now, although it's messy and half empty! 
I just can't get enough of the beautiful shades. 
I must admit when I first bought it I was in a weird mood and when I got it home I did sit and ponder over when I'd ever use these shades 
(I usually wear blacks and browns or no shadow at all) 
but after fiddling about with it and experimenting I'm in love!! 

 The pictures really do not do it any justice! 
GOSH - Quattro Eye Shadow - Blooming Forest

There's a dark shade of Green, Turquoise, Whitish Cream & Dark Purple. 
All mixed in a shimmer base. 
It's a pressed powder in 4 sections and the coverage is amazing!!! 

I love to cover my eye lid in the Whitish Cream colour and working inwards shade in the purple or green. 
The effect is beautiful! 
As long as you blend them well you end up with such a flawless look. 
I find it really brings out my eyes too! 

Subtle Effect of Whitish Cream & Purple - DAY 
Whitish Cream, Green & Purple Blended - NIGHT

GOSH - Quattro Eye Shadow - Blooming Forest

I'd never normally picture myself wearing either of these colours but I've honestly found that they work to well together! 

Have you come across any guilty loves? 

Brought anything lately you can't put down? 

Hope you're all having a lovely week & great half term!

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