Sunday, 15 April 2012

Request : Hair Upkeep.

Okay, so I got a email the other day asking about my hair, how I find it being blonde & how's the upkeep for it. So I thought I'd take advantage of this and make a post all about my newly blonde hair!!
For some of you, you won't find this remotely interesting, but never the less - here goes! ...

''For anyone who knows me, they would know that I've probably been every hair colour available, I went through a phase of extreme hair colour changes. I'm naturally a really light ash blonde/brown. In all honesty I haven't seen that colour in a good 6 years! I hit my teen years and like most people descovered the dreaded hair dye! From there I gradually went from 'light brown' 'dark brown' 'deep brown' 'violet' 'plum' until I decided to go black!? I soon regretted that not so smart move, but found it incredibly hard to get rid! I didn't want to bleach/strip my hair because of the condition so I started to grow my dye out (after a good 12 months I realized I wasn't getting anywhere, anytime soon!) Finally gave in to getting it stripped & stayed a light-ish brown.
Well not long ago, I had my hair foiled. Starting with 'top and sides' increasing to 'full head' and topping my roots up as and when. I honestly haven't been happier with my hair!!!
You hear a lot of horror stories about going dark, to light & how many people loose hair etcc. I don't doubt that in the slightest, but I've been so lucky! So, for you blondes/blondes to be ... here's my top tips to keeping the condition on a budget! ''

Get regular hair cuts!
There's nothing worse than having split ends, or frizz!! A little trim can work wonders!!

Don't leave the time between foils too long, you'll end up with a horrible shadow on your hair. It's not a pretty look! Set yourself a time limit, and stick to it! 4-6 weeks maybe even 8! Then you can slowly save between colouring, you won't notice the money if you save as you go.

Try the 'Three Month Ban' .... I hadn't heard of this before but you pick a time span (Three Months being most popular) and you refuse to use any heat treatments on your hair for that length of time, YES that means NO straightening girls!!!

Dry Shampoo, seriously! It's a life saver in emergency moments. I can get a extra day without washing my hair when using this. (if you've got greasy hair like mine, it saves me washing it every day!) ... because if you didn't know, washing your hair everyday is actually bad for your hairs health!! I use Superdrugs own brand, its cheap and really effective you can buy it online here or I use this one here.
There's various ones but I use these.
 * Online they're doing a offer right now click here to find out more!* 

Finally, Five. 
Silver Shampoo! Honestly this is a life saver!! If you can't afford to have your hair done, use this once a week. Instant brighter, shiny hair! When I've got the money I treat myself to a bottle of Lee Stafford's Bleach Blondes Shampoo. Retailing at around £12

If not then I use Superdrugs own brand (which I can't actually find online?!) but here's a picture, so look out for it. It's near the hair dye in my local Superdrug. It's around £1.50 but I recently got 2 bottles for £1.99! It says on the bottle 'up to 3 applications' but I honestly get more out of it than that!! & it works just a good. 

Sorry for such a long post, I hope it was clear & explained a few things.
Are you blonde? Do you use any other products? 

Have a good day :-) 



  1. Great blog and such a inspiring post! It you follow me, i`ll do the same 4 you. Love your blog!

  2. Thanks!
    I've followed :-) xxxx


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