Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Okay, well if you know me you'll understand my pure love for lipsticks! 
I collect them like a stamp collector collects stamps, in all seriousness.
 I believe you can be wearing minimal make up but as soon as you apply a lipstick you can transform a whole look. I do believe that some colors don't suit some skin types, hair colors & even face shapes. Personally I have a few favorite lipsticks mostly being Pinks, Reds and Purple tones.

Last week I invested in a new lipstick that I've completely fallen in love with!
I thought I'd share my new love with you all, I've been looking for a lipstick near this shade for a while now, and the one's I've come across have all had too much of a pink shade, over powering the base.
After a long day shopping I finally found this from House Of Fraser.

Has fantastic 'stay power' doesn't rub off easily. 
Personally I can wear it all day with topping up just after food.
It's a Hydrating Creme, preventing dry cracking lips. 


''CHANEL ROUGE COCO Hydrating Crème Lip Colour''
From - House Of Frazer 
Price - £23.00 

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