Monday, 24 July 2017

Music Monday #02

Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Ola, Namaste .... 

I hope you all had a lovely Monday! 
I am back with my second addition to my new weekly feature of Music Monday! 

Now, In no particular order .... 

Omarion - Distance 

Young Paris, Reekado Banks - One Time 

Krept & Konan, Jeremih, Beenie Man & Popcaan - Freak Of The Week Remix 

Manners, Mighty - She Go Do Me 

Majestic, That Guy - My Boo 2016 Radio Edit 

Flexx Wave App. 

Something I am really loving this week is this app called FlexxWave. It was created by Stevo The Madman. I follow Stevo on Snapchat, his bloody hilarious. He shares the ins and outs of the life as a Father, with banter, trials, tribulations, daily struggles and his journey to making it (which he is smashing)  and I saw him advertise the app, so I downloaded it and I've been using it since. It gives you the ability to listen to new & exclusive undiscovered UK Music completely FREE!! I think it is such a creative idea, and fantastic for all up and coming producers and musically talented people to expose their music! 

I highly recommend you go and check it out, and hit them up on social media! 


I hope you all have a lovely week! 
Keep vibing, and remember to share your new music finds below .... 

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Gemma Collins - The Orange Dress.

Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Ola, Namaste ....

It's everywhere, and if you haven't seen or heard about this story - where have you been? 
Now, what I am about to say might spark some controversy but like always, I am not one to shy away from some backlash. 

Gemma was recently spotted wearing an Orange number from Gerda Truubon the bespoke London based Ladies wear Fashion Designer. 

Now, I can appreciate this is most definitely not one of her best looks. I think the amount of backlash she has received from wearing this is totally disgusting. Personally, I wouldn't be seen dead in the dress. I think it does nothing for her figure, and most definitely clashes with her tan BUT at the same time, lets cover a few important points... 

Its Gemma Collins | since when did she care about what anyone thinks. She has always been bullied (yes, a strong word but I believe this is the case) for being different, and when I say different I mainly mean - plus size. I honestly do not think it matters what she wears, she has such a huge amount of people who dislike her, she would be talked about. 

Is It The Dress | again, following from the above point. I think we should all ask ourselves, that if someone else was wearing the dress, would we pay it as much attention? Would we compliment the dress, designer and whom was wearing it? Is it the dress? or is it Gemma Collins? 

She Appears Happy | I get that she's in the limelight, I get that she isn't going to go out on purpose knowingly to be papped, and be sad and misreable - BUT she looks happy does she not? Even more so in her 'selfie' which was posted on her Instagram. If she felt uncomfortable, or hideous (some of the things I have seen being said about her) then surely she would not of worn it out? If she was feeling herself, sassy and bloody got daym hot then let her be. 

It's Not The Worst Thing She's Been Seen Wearing | lets be real, its as simple as it gets. We have seen Gemma looking a lot worse than this, she has been seen in all different lights, in all sorts of outfits and I honestly think, she has looked worse. 

It's All About The Angles | lets be brutal - she actually looks half decent in her Instagram photo. Which, as you can see has been taken at a flattering angle. She has probably taken 50+ photographs and chosen the one she likes best (which we all do - right?) of course the papped photos are going to look awful, its what the paparazzi are good at. It's what they get paid for!  I could lay money on the fact that if we saw the exact same dress on a skinnier model, half the people shutting her down would want contact details on where to order the god damn dress. 

Her 'Friends' | I have seen alot of comments about her 'friends' and to be honest, I must agree. I personally would not have let my friend go out like that, but again, touching on the above points. She does what she likes, she might of felt beautiful and confident, so who are we to judge?  

What do you think about the dress?
Are you a fan of Gemma? 
Let me know what you think below, 

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FFF : YouTubers.

Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Ola, Namaste ....

It's that time of week where I share with you my Five Friday Favourites, and this week I'm focusing on my favourite YouTubers. 

I have always loved YouTube, and the ability to share stories, advice, tutorials and everything in-between, but just recently I have to admit I spend so much time online watching YouTube videos. Below are five YouTubers that I simply cannot get enough of .... 

This is a family whom consist of Mum, Georgie. Dad, Darren and their two children Sienna and Mia. Not only are they a group of super inspiring people, they share their daily life in the form of daily vlogs. They love adventure, and travel and are so outgoing and honest. I love YouTubers who connect with their audience - and they are fantastic at this! Their ability to share and inspire others is incredible. I can guarantee you will not leave their channel without being sucked in to binge watching and an hour later, after crying with laughter, empathizing and relating to something you will be subscribed. I love how their entire channel is focused around daily life, but teaching lessons. They are so diverse. I'm 23 and love their vlogs, yet I know whatever age you are you can relate in some way. Whether you are a teenager, struggling to deal with growing up. A parent, struggling with day to day tasks or how to tackle certain issues.
Keep up the hard work guys! I love ya!! 

Below is their current vlog

I have followed Louise for roughly 5 years. She was one of my inspirations to start my blog. I have always loved how she can create any content and it just 'fits' She is a young woman, who vlogs both daily, in the form of weekly round up videos and main channel videos, but just recently she has stepped away from what she was doing and started doing what she wanted. Now, if you do not watch her videos you probably wont understand that statement but to give you an idea, she basically talks about whatever the hell she wants, in a fun, outgoing, honest and candid way. She has recently announced her second pregnancy, so if you do check her out do expect some pregnancy based videos, but don't worry! She still covers everything in-between. She is also another YouTuber who is fantastic at connecting with her audience. Good luck with the pregnancy, Louise, Liam & Darcy! 

Below is her recent non pregnancy related video 

Now this woman, wow! I just love, love, LOVE her channel. She covers mainly Conspiracy Theories, Crime, Missing People, Unsolved Mysteries and so much more along those lines. I remember coming across her videos a few years ago, but just recntly she has focused on the spooky side of life and I just love it. All her videos are well thought out, planned, and come across so professionally. She outlines all the facts, and clearly states if anything may not be fact. She opens her videos up for a huge discussion and has opened my eyes in so many ways. I often go on Kendall binge watches, where I will watch loads of her videos, and it does not matter how many times previously I have watched them. She is defiently worth a watch guys!! 

Her latest video is below 

This woman is everything I want to be, in the least creepy way possible. She simply does not give a flying f**k. Her style is amazing, and her channel is full of everything and anything female related - from wedding planning, tattoo sessions, plus size clothing halls, lip fillers and what I think is so important is mental health & body confidence. I love how bubbly and bright she is and she always brings a smile to my face! She is most probably the most interactive YouTuber I am aware of, she is constantly commenting back on videos, tweeting her audience and starting discussions. I love her confidence and how she has the ability to rub that off on you after watching one of her videos. 

Below is one of her videos

I love Anna's attitude and her content so much. She is so candid and covers all things that NEED to be covered. She is never afraid to 'go there' I, myself working in the care sector (although it is slightly different being as she is not from UK, like myself) can relate to her medical/mental health videos so much. I love how she touches on such sensitive subjects, spreads awareness and strikes up conversations about things that maybe otherwise would not be covered. She is so honest, and straight talking. Keep up the amazing work Anna! 

A video of hers is below 

So, who are you loving YouTube wise lately? 
I would love to hear some suggestions below ... 

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